What is your Kaizen Shadow Foam® made of?

Cross-linked polyethylene foam - a smooth, closed-cell type of foam that provides cushioning but has a high load bearing capacity. It is durable, washable, odorless and non-abrasive. We stock a variety of sizes, colors and densities.

Can I just buy your two-color Kaizen Shadow Foam® and cut it myself?

Our material is very dense, closed-cell foam which cannot be cut with hand tools. Tool foam sold for DIY projects is thinner, lighter, and comes with a pressure sensitive adhesive backing. The DIY method is to cut through the top layer and then glue on a contrasting base layer. We mill pockets and do not use any adhesive in our Kaizen Shadow Foam.

What if I don’t have a CAD file or solid model for my product or design concept?

There are four ways to generate a CAD file.

  1. Email a CAD file (i.e. STP) provided by the manufacturer of your product.
  2. Design your own insert in your preferred CAD software. We can turn your 2D concepts into CAD if they are drawn to scale.
  3. Ship your items to us for scanning (Carol Stream, IL).
  4. Rent our portable 3D scanning kit to create a part model, and we will convert it to CAD.

Do I have to ship my tools to Kaiser Manufacturing?

No, but we do need a CAD file (STP preferred) to create the CNC program needed for production. There are four ways to generate a CAD file. Sending us your tools are one way. You may prefer to rent our portable 3D scanning kit to create your own layout. We will convert the scanned file to CAD for you.

How much does Kaizen Shadow Foam® cost?

The cost of custom foam inserts depends on your project. If you provide some details about your project using our web form, we can usually provide a quick estimate. Pictures of your items or tool drawers are great too!

  1. Describe your project. Is it a toolbox, workstation, travel case or other application?
  2. What is the approximate drawer or tray or insert size (L x W) in inches?
  3. What is your preferred foam depth?
  4. How many drawers or inserts in total?
  5. Do you have duplicate drawers or tool sets? A quantity discount may apply.
  6. Do you need a high volume of the same part? A volume discount may apply.

How soon will I get my new Kaizen Shadow Foam®?

Naturally this depends largely on the complexity of your project, including whether you have a CAD design or need to have your tool layout or other items scanned. We do stock many sizes and colors of Kaizen Shadow Foam®, and some projects can be completed and shipped within one week. If you need material we do not have in stock, the project may take 3 to 4 weeks.

What if I want to change my tool layout?

We save all customer CAD files to make any modifications quickly and easily. We can also help you design for planned updates. For example, a workstation with a combination of everyday hand tools and specialty gauges could hold two distinct two inserts. The hand tools can remain in place while the other half is swapped out for a new job or project. We have an awesome creative team and love to help our customer achieve a workspace that is functional and looks great too!

What is the best depth for a foam insert or a tool pocket?

This depends on the size and weight of your tools and equipment, and whether the Kaizen Shadow Foam® will be stationary, like in a drawer, or on the move, as in a travel case. Hand tools at a workstation usually use 1.25 to 1.5-inch foam. Travel cases may require 4 to 6-inches of foam or more. Travel cases are often comprised of multiple layers to fully protect the contents or maximize storage space.  Naturally less material means a lower cost for your project.

What is the purpose using two-color foam?

The contrasting colors make it easy to see where a tool belongs, and when a tool is missing. A visual workplace helps keep everything organized, accounted for, and easy to find when needed. If your application does not require two-color foam, like travel cases using foam only for protection, then we offer solid charcoal foam which is a more economical solution.

Do you make custom foam inserts for hard-sided travel cases?

Yes, we routinely make custom inserts for Pelican, Apache, Festool and other cases.

Can you customize a case for my hobby?

Yes, we can produce cases for your hobby, sport or collectable items, such as drones, firearms, musical instructions, racing gear or inspection equipment. Just like all custom cases, we need to have a CAD file to create the CNC program for production.

Do you sell toolboxes (or cases)?

We can purchase new cases at our facility and ship them out to you complete with new custom foam inserts. We work with many case manufacturers and often help our customers find the right case, kit or toolbox for their specific application. 

Can I order Kaizen Shadow Foam® for my Craftsman hand-carry tool kit (or Milwaukee Pack-Out)?

Yes, you can order custom foam for a small toolbox. But keep in mind that storing foam in distinct pockets – while great for organization – requires each tool to have its own space. This greatly diminishes the number of tools that will fit in a small box, compared to tossing them all in together. We love that you think that way though!